Although built primarily as an Equestrian Centre, Claremorris Equestrian also hosts Claremorris Auctions and Hanley Sales.  The centre is home to many events throughout the year and is ideally located as a suitable venue for your next event.  If you are interested in hiring the facilities or would like to book a viewing please do not hesitate to contact Charles on 087-2533993.


    • Claremorris Auctions - Every Wednesday Night @ 8.00 pm -
    • Arena One Day Event:  Sunday 22nd March
    • West of Ireland RED MILLS Stallion Show - Easter Monday 13th April - Click HERE to enter ONLINE (Closing Date for Catalogue:  5.00pm Wed. 8th April) -


Arena One Day Event:  What is it?

Essentially it’s a combination of dressage, show jumping and cross-country done in our all-weather arenas

How does it work?

You enter online and you are given a dressage time

When you are finished your Dressage Phase you then go on to the Show jumping/X Country Phase.

You firstly do your show jumping phase, and then you go straight on to a series of cross-country obstacles.

There is an optimum time for the XC phase

The total time allowed for the course is generally twice the optimum time.

How do you win?

Your Dressage Percentage is subtracted from 100% to give your Dressage Penalties.

Clear rounds take priority over anyone with jumping faults.  Show jumping is judged under SJ Rules
Knock Down = 4 Faults
1st Refusal = 4 Faults
2nd Refusal = 8 Faults
3rd Refusal = Elimination

Fall of Horse/Rider in any phase = Elimination
Error in Course in any phase = Elimination

Cross Country Penalties are calculated on time.  The time taken to complete the round is subtracted from the Optimum Time to give the number of X-Country Penalties.
Note:  Riders must ride between the flags when going Cross Country – Failure to do so will incur Elimination.

The winner will be the person with the lowest score.

What do you wear?

Dress for Dressage as per Rules of any Clubs/Organisations
Body Protectors must be work for SJ and Cross Country